Select any field you would like to work in by registering for training. Training is online and free. After training, you can request job placement. Click below to register for live training. Some jobs will list in $. Payments are made in your own currency

Administrator job training

Jobs in admin pay from $350 to $3000 per month.

+ Accounting jobs training

Jobs in accounting available. Earnings from $750 to $1500.

Web Development and training

Web development jobs can pay from $100 per project to $3000 per month

Mobile App development

You can learn to develop mobile app and get paid up to $4500 per month

Online Marketing Jobs

Online marketing jobs training. No requirements, but must have interest in the marketing field. Salary from $30 per hour

Sales jobs

Learn how to sell and work including tools available. Salary expectation from $500 to $20 000 per month

Graphic Design

Learn how to earn and make money online

Script writing training

Jobs in script writing available. Earnings from $75

WordPress jobs

WordPress jobs plus development can earn average of $1000 per project

SEO Jobs

Learn about Social Media Optimization. You can earn anything from $12000 to $5000 for SEO work

Social media marketing

Social media marketing jobs available on coneact. Earn from $50 per project

Online teaching training

Learn how you can teach on coneact and earn