Learn to start by Selecting below options based on your interest

  1. Click on Job Seeker section
  2. Click on Build Profile (CV). We will showcase your profile to the employers or business owners
  3. Click on the (Apply for a job section)
  4. Fill in the application form. We will share your profile (CV) with recruiters
  5. Click on Job Training. Select training linked to your profile (Free). 
  6. Activate Jobs - Once completed training, you can click on activate jobs. We will send you new jobs on your profile with a mentor who will guide you on your first job. Job activation is R30
  1. Recruiters can post their business requirement online. We offer opportunities for business owners to provide best available candidate. We train applicants before they start work. 
  2. After training we offer consultation for employees to conduct work
  3. Our job seekers can work anywhere and we will offer project coordinator services with expects in the field to ensure we deliver quality services.
  4. Businesses pay in advance for services (Funds paid on Coneact as a confirmation before we train job seeker)